Planetary gear

In a planetary gear, several gears (planet wheels) roll on a central gear (sun wheel) and the fixed ring gear. Planetary gears are often designed with multiple stages to enable higher gear ratios. These gearboxes are particularly used for high-torque requirements, especially when low-loss and highly efficient operation is required and self-locking is not permitted. 


Properties (benefits)

  • Compact design 
  • High torque 
  • No self-locking 
  • Sound sensitivity  
  • Highly efficient  
  • Load distribution over several planet wheels 


  • Material pairings steel/plastic or composite 
  • Supplemented with motor and electronics  
  • As standard and customized version 
  • Straight, helical, and crowned toothing   
  • Single or multi-stage versions 


  • Agriculture  
  • Roller shutter drives  
  • Mobility aids  

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Johannes Herdner