already at the product creation stage, this means:

  • Complex solutions need scientifically sound and practice-oriented development work
  • We combine both great passion and extensive experience
  • Your ideas are our greatest motivation
  • Development Your individual, holistic solution
  • Process excellence is an key component in product creation
  • Proactive communication in partnership
  • Individual products tailored to requirements



The special development expertise of the BURGER GROUP

We develop mechatronic systems and drive solutions, including motor, electronics, sensors, housing, and gearbox. The bundled expertise in the BURGER GROUP with mechanics, electronics, software as well as tool and mold making are our success factor. 

If you already have a design, we will be happy to optimize or produce it for you. We can read and process all file formats, from DXF to IGES, in 2-D or 3-D. 

State-of-the-art computer technology sets the course early

As a competent partner for the development of drive systems, we design at high-performance CAD workstations. With our Expert Gear System (EGS), we calculate and dimension gear geometry and gearbox design. With finite elements, multi-body simulation and filling studies, we approach the optimal solution in early project phases. The first samples are used for step-by-step optimization. 

The result is gearboxes with clear plus points in decisive factors: Noise and tolerance sensitivity are reduced; service life and torque increased; installation space, material, and alloy optimized. 

Customer focus in all stages

The BURGER GROUP relies on qualitative support for its customers throughout all project phases, from the enquiry through development and production to delivery. This also includes seamless monitoring, documentation, analysis, and evaluation of all processes. 

From the idea to series production




Prototyping in the test center

Product validation

Production equipment

Series production