Of course, we also implement a solution completely tailored to your application.

Based on your requirements for technical properties, installation space, service life, interfaces, etc., we develop customized individual products for you. A very extensive technology toolbox from the automotive, agricultural technology, industrial technology, and medical technology sectors is used to precisely meet your requirements.


Modular technology

  • 12 V or 24 V​
  • LIN, CAN, or non-smart​
  • BLDC and DC motors​
  • EMC optimization​
  • Vibration resistance​
  • Noise reduction​
  • Hardware design​
  • Software development​
  • Electronics manufacturing

Variants and options

  • From small series to large series​
  • Plastic, metal, and composite​
  • Integrated electronics and individual software​
  • ASIL​
  • Power electronics​
  • Second source experience

Applications and markets

  • Automotive​
  • Maritime​
  • Off-highway​
  • Commercial vehicles​
  • Drives for kinematics in the interior​
  • Active aerodynamics​

Do you have any questions about our customized actuators?

Stefan Schäfer