Customized high-voltage technology in one place

Electromechanical assemblies for high-voltage technology requires different production processes. The BURGER GROUP offers you all this in one place, so you as the customer need look after only one interface. This means you benefit from our combined know-how in stamping and forming technology, plastic injection molding, assembly solutions, PCB production, and testing technology.



  • Stamped busbars or lead frames
  • Plastic overmolding for insulation
  • Incl. one or more assembled PCBs
  • Busbars laser welded
  • All processes in house

technical possibilities

  • Additional sensors can be integrated (e.g. current measurement)
  • 100% EOL tests (e.g. high-voltage tests)

Applications and products

  • Power electronics
  • Inverters
  • EMC filter
  • Connector assemblies
  • Housing assemblies

Do you have any questions about our EMC filters?

Christoph Dilger