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As a responsible employer, it is very important to us that our employees feel comfortable and secure and have many personal perspectives. With our BURGER GROUP. PLUS. program, we offer a wide range of different seminars and workshops, events, and health-promoting measures. 

Whether it involves professional and personal development, sporting and health-promoting activities or joint events to promote team spirit—BURGER GROUP. PLUS. offers a suitable program for everyone interested. Excursions and activities such as the beach volleyball tournament, a Black Forest motorbike trail, a Black Forest hike, or a joint barbecue for fellow thinkers are also fixed components of our program.

The BURGER GROUP. PLUS—the big PLUS for all who think like us.

Health management

Promoting health is a high priority at the BURGER GROUP. As a reliable employer, this issue has been an integral part of our corporate culture from the very beginning. Above all, the topics of exercise, ergonomics at the workplace, nutrition and stress management are important components of our workplace health promotion. Like-minded individuals will enjoy our offer full of various fitness courses, workshops, and lectures throughout the year. Annual flu protection and bowel cancer screening round off the health promotion.

For us, health promotion also includes special occupational health and safety measures. In cooperation with the company doctor and our occupational safety specialist, we attach great importance to skin and hearing protection.

We offer general and compulsory preventive medical check-ups as well as optional preventive medical check-ups with our company doctor. Since those who think like us come into contact with different operating materials in the various areas, creams are available for cleaning, protecting and caring for the skin that are specially adapted to the respective activities. This is how we ensure that those who think like us can prevent skin diseases before, during and after work.

In the area of hearing protection, free earplugs are available at all times in all production areas. In addition to the prescribed occupational safety equipment, we also offer customized hearing protection, known as otoplastics, at regular intervals.


As a responsible employer, we offer numerous opportunities for further training because knowledge is the driving force behind those who think like us. This urge to want to improve personally or professionally manifests itself in very simple ways: Further training is booming. That is why our in-house academy offers knowledge transfer and exclusive know-how in very different areas. The Academy’s wide-ranging seminar and workshop program includes exciting and diverse topics.

We offer all who think like us the opportunity to filter out the right offer for them and to further their education according to their individual needs.


Joy is doubled when it is shared. Joint activities strengthen the team spirit and help to improve communication and strengthen cohesion. At the same time, in-house events, excursions, and activities offer the opportunity to experience and share something great. With the team events of the BURGER GROUP. PLUS. we give all who think like us a collective time-out from everyday life.

Whether it’s a joint hike in nature, a lively barbecue, a visit to the Soccer Cup, or the SERC ice hockey game—these group activities are intended to bring joy to all who think like us. But they are also an expression of our special appreciation and responsibility towards the people who work for us and with us.