Worm gearbox

Worm gearboxes consist of a worm and a worm wheel. The 90° offset output to the motor shaft is typical. These gearboxes are preferably found in applications with limited installation space and at the same time large gear ratios. They are also used in environments with high demands on acoustics.  


Properties (benefits)

  • High gear ratio 
  • Small installation space  
  • Self-locking 
  • High running smoothness  


  • Preferred material pairing of steel worm and plastic worm wheel 
  • Supplemented with motor and electronics  
  • As standard and customized version 
  • Straight, helical, and crowned toothing   
  • Single or multi-stage versions
  • Standard products or customized


  • Voltage switchgear
  • Sectional gate operators  
  • Premium kitchen appliances  

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Johannes Herdner