SBS-Feintechnik – moving solutions at all levels

Tradition paired with inventiveness. For over 160 years, SBS-Feintechnik has been a specialist for innovative, customized drive solutions. We stand for high vertical integration and product diversity. As a system provider, our portfolio ranges from classic cuckoo clock technology to medical technology, household and building technology to holistic solutions for mechanical engineering, plant construction, and automotive.

Our focus is on the development of high-precision components and systems because only customized work can solve drive problems quickly and cost-effectively. The result is the reliable ticking of a cuckoo clock, the smooth gliding of a car door or the fine, steady whir of a food processor.

The beauty of this is that our demands coincide with those of our customers: high quality, reliable service, great flexibility, and market-driven pricing. To achieve this, we are always breaking new ground.

Facts and skills

Metal-cutting production

Tool and form construction

Thread rolls





Assembly of medium and large series

Main administration with central functions

500 employees at the Schonach and Triberg sites


Drive solutions

Complex parts



Industrial technology

Household technology

Medical technology

Clockwork mechanisms

Manufacture for cuckoo clock mechanisms

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