Standard actuators smartly integrated

Our control unit offers you a solution that adapts the modular actuators to your electric interface. The validated actuator remains unchanged and the control unit translates your BUS signals for the actuator as a pigtail. Up to 14 actuators can be operated with one control line. If necessary, the control can be smartly regulated by the power harvesting function. The control unit offers maximum flexibility and is typically used when time to market, quantities, or the budget do not allow for new software development.



  • 12 V or 24 V​
  • LIN, CAN, or non-smart​
  • Integration of existing actuators in a BUS system​
  • Intelligent current load balancing when controlling multiple actuators to avoid overloads

Variants and options

  • Prepared for controlling BURGER GROUP actuators​
  • to 14 actuators ​
  • Implementation of customized interfaces planned​
  • Modular housing, electronics, and software package


  • LIN gateway for e-mobility​
  • Gateway battery management​
  • Hydrogen valves ​
  • Implementation of specific interfaces

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Stefan Schäfer