KBS-Spritztechnik and SBS-Mechatronics – finest Swiss quality workmanship

KBS Spritztechnik CH GmbH, SBS-Mechatronics GmbH and BURGER Pen AG have been part of the BURGER GROUP since 2001. Here, at the St. Antoni site, complete, customized drive systems for building technology, automotive, gastronomy and household are manufactured in small and medium quantities.

The factory in St. Antoni in the canton of Fribourg was founded in 1957 as a watch dial factory. As early as 1976, the first injection molding machines were put into operation and the competences in plastics processing were expanded. Today, the plant has an operating area of 3,000 m2 and mainly manufactures components and drive systems for international customers in the technomotive sector. As a supplier of injection molded parts, KBS also supplies individual parts to third-party customers in the automotive and technomotive sectors. The company BURGER Pen AG is also located on the St. Antoni factory premises. It is known for the development and production of high-quality writing instruments.

Facts and skills

22 modern injection molding machines with clamping forces from 25 tons to 160 tons

Part weights from 0.01 g to 300 g

Manufacturing of components for drive systems or for external customers

Design and procurement of injection molds

High level of expertise in processing a wide range of high-performance thermoplastics

Manual or semi-automatic assembly of customized drive systems

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