Medical technology

In medical technology, precision and reliability of drive solutions are of elementary importance. Highest functionality and sophisticated user orientation are absolutely central here as they are the guarantors for successful examinations and interventions. Our customized drive solutions justify the trust placed in them at all levels. 

Applications for analysis devices

Precise spur gearbox for work in a dialysis treatment machine

High-precision spur gearbox for drive of dialysis pumps

Applications for laboratory balances

Multi-stage drive as worm/spur gear combination made of plastic for leveling a precision scale 

Applications for dosing pumps

Drive for precise dosing with infusion pumps  

Drive for flap control  

Applications for adjustment drives on bed, table, and chair

Individual parts made of plastic injection molding for linear actuators in mobile bed and table adjustments  

Mobility aids application

Single-stage planetary gear in metal and plastic for wheelchair auxiliary drives 

Single-stage planetary gear in metal and plastic for wheelchair braking and pushing aids  

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Fabian Winter