Regional solidarity – or: the future starts now

Social responsibility has been an integral part of our philosophy since the company was founded. The BURGER GROUP supports sporting, cultural, and social activities as well as numerous clubs and organizations in many ways. A small selection of our projects can be found on this website. There is a very special bond with the Schwenninger Wild Wings. Since 2005, the DEL professional team has been supported as a shareholder and sponsor.  

In addition, the BURGER GROUP sponsors many regional clubs, sporting events, and cultural events at the Group’s various locations. Promoting these activities is an active contribution to maintaining the association culture and an intact environment for our employees and their families. The exercise of honorary office is expressly encouraged.

Nordic combined

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Czech Ski & Snowboard

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St. Hubertus Riding Club

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1909 FC Schonach

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Sportverein 1898 e. V. Triberg

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