Spur gearbox

Spur gearboxes consist of at least two spur gears that are mounted on axles running in parallel. These gearboxes are characterized by their simple design and robustness. Installation space requirements also bring this gearbox shape into play, time and again.  


Properties (benefits)

  • Simple design 
  • Robustness 
  • Highly efficient  
  • No/low axial force  


  • Material pairings steel/plastic or composite 
  • Supplemented with motor and electronics  
  • As standard and customized version 
  • Straight, helical, and crowned toothing   
  • Single or multi-stage versions  


  • Drives for premium kitchen appliances   
  • Drive solutions for ventilation flaps and SHEV fume hoods  
  • Wheelsets for heavy-duty bicycle gearboxes  

Do you have any questions about our spur gearboxes?

Johannes Herdner