SBS-Nepron – Assembly of electronic and mechatronic units

The SBS-Nepron is located near Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Around 320 employees produce customized electronics (PCBs) there. The factory produces according to the highest quality standards; the production area is ESD-protected (electrostatic discharge) and is about 5,000 m².

Our production focus is the assembly of electronic and mechatronic products and assemblies in high volumes of up to 70,000 units per day. These are used in the automotive, household, health, and industrial sectors. The electrical components are assembled and 100% tested on our modern SMT automatic assembly machines. Assembly also includes further work steps such as packaging, selective and manual soldering, gluing, potting, screwing, painting, and labelling.

In addition, we also produce cable harnesses in small and medium quantities with automatic cable stripping machines, automatic bandage machines and various crimping processes with 100% crimp force monitoring.

Facts and skills

Electronics manufacturing



Medical technology

Household appliance technology

Industrial technology

Paperless, fully digitalized production

320 employees at the Kaznějov site

Electromechanical assemblies

IATF 16949:2016


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