Recreational drive solutions

Whether cycling, caravan holidays, or working with power tools—even these “most beautiful things in the world” often work with drive solutions from the BURGER GROUP. Their qualitative understatement means they covertly provide robust systems that are characterized by durability in changing environments and meet the highest demands. Their high-precision wheels mesh reliably and make both work and recreational driving as pleasant as possible. 

Applications for heavy-duty bicycle gearbox

Gearbox parts from multi-stage machining process for rear wheel hub gears 

Steel gearsets for 18-speed bottom bracket gears

Applications for caravan drives

Mechatronic drive solution with multi-stage worm/spur gearbox for caravan shunting drive 

Applications for electric tools

Complex gear part from multi-stage production process with serration for professional industrial diamond drilling rig   

Worm gearbox with plastic housing for adjusting an optical laser measuring device 

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Johannes Herdner