Keeping things running smoothly in the household

In fact, you are in contact with the BURGER GROUP much more often than you might think at first glance. This is because we also know our way around the household and know how to entice you with small sizes and powerful, low-noise drive solutions. As a result of successful product development processes, our high-quality products ensure cleanliness, perfect cooking, and maximum enjoyment.

In the end, everyone is satisfied: we as manufacturers, our customers, and our customers’ customers.

Applications for commercial coffee machines

  • Worm gearbox for coffee grinders with electric grind adjustment
  • Drive solution with metal and plastic components for coffee grinders with manual and electric grind adjustment
  • Spindle drive with brass-plastic pairing for brewing application of a professional coffee machine
  • Drive unit with worm and worm wheel combination for discharge and metering function

Applications in the healthcare sector

  • Multi-stage gearbox made of plastic for sanitary applications

Applications for premium kitchen appliances

  • Worm gearbox for electric valve adjustment in the steam cooker
  • Linear drive with threaded spindle and spindle nut made of plastic for locking function of a high-end kitchen appliance

Applications for floor cleaning equipment

  • Belt drive and actuator for floor cleaning equipment. Made entirely of plastic
  • Complex multi-component solution with integrated spring for cleaning attachments

Do you have any questions about household technology?

Johannes Herdner