"Management Energy" Award

“Management Energy” Award

Thomas and Silke Burger participated in the competition for the “2015 Entrepreneurial Energy” award and expressed their full commitment to the BURGERGROUP in writing. Due to the fact that SBS-Feintechnik is the group’s oldest company and its leading brand name, the process implemented there were used as a basis for the competition.

With its “Management Energy” system, which was specially developed for mid-sized companies, the SchmidtColleg is pursuing the goal of more efficient planning and action. Various elements of the system include clear-cut descriptions of goals, optimisation of both internal and external company communication, enhanced personal time management, higher levels of quality, clear-cut processes and the improvement of interpersonal relationships.

The Entrepreneurial Energy award was presented to Thomas und Silke Burger at the SchmidtColleg Conference in November of 2015 with tremendous jubilation.