Entwicklung von Antriebssystemen

Competent R&D partner

Driving your ideas

We develop an holistic, customer-specific solution on the basis of your idea: from R&D and engineering, to fabrication of samples and parts production, right on up to intermediate and final assembly.

Beyond this, we also supply complete drive units including motor, electronics, sensors and housing. Always with a gearbox, of course. We can also assume responsibility for production “only” after receiving a manufacturing drawing, or optimise an existing design.


The tasks vary, and thus so do our solutions

Complex solutions necessitate technical creativity and practice oriented R&D work, both of which are united by SBS. Work is always based upon a clear-cut task which we define in cooperation with the customer, and by means of which the merit of our R&D team is measured. The project engineering phase is supported with the most up-to-date computer technologies.

Our engineers work at high-performance CAD workstations. Gear wheel geometries and gearbox layouts are calculated and dimensioned with our Expert Gear System (EGS). Already during the initial project phases, we approach an ideal solution with finite elements, N-body simulation and filling studies. We further improve your product on the basis of first article samples.

This results in gearboxes which demonstrate clear-cut advantages with regard to decisive factors: noise and tolerance sensitivity are reduced, service life is lengthened, torque is increased, and installation space, utilised materials and alloys are optimized.

SBS is extremely open in this area. From DXF to IGES, all of our data can be read and processed in 2D or 3D.


Customer-oriented right from the start

Quality begins with the RFQ and continues on through the R&D and manufacturing phases, right on up to shipping. After all, the highest quality parts are of no use to the customer if they don’t arrive at the right time. SBS relies upon customer oriented R&D work, consistent product management and the competence of all involved employees.

And this not only necessitates proceeding in accordance with a defined plan, but rather continuous monitoring, documentation, analysis and assessment of all processes.



Hypoid-Getriebe Kompetenzen

Steel/plastic hypoid gear units for efficient and extremely quiet power transmission in the field of building management.

Hypoid Getriebe animiert




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