BURGERGROUP – unser Stammhaus in Schonach

SBS-Feintechnik –
Innovative, customer-specific

We don’t reinvent the wheel, we just refine it: For more than 150 years, we’ve been continuously optimising our innovative, customer-specific drive solutions! As a system supplier, we now offer a spectrum of products ranging from traditional cuckoo clockworks to medical technology, machinery and equipment manufacturing, household technology and building management, right on up to the automotive industry.

As a leading brand name of the BURGER GROUP, SBS-Feintechnik stands for tradition combined with inventiveness!

The reliable ticking of our cuckoo clocks is just important for us as the smooth, automated opening and closing motion of car doors and the quiet, steady whirring of our drives in kitchen and household appliances. We set our products into motion!



What drives us?

Does it have something to do with our tradition? And the natural environment in which we live? There’s no question that something spurs us on. That we want to be better and pursue different paths. And uphold virtues such as inventiveness, diligence, zeal and reliability. Our pledge: Continuously produce more and more accurate components and systems. Today, as well as in the future.



We keep things moving – For your benefit

As a system supplier for customer-specific drive technology, the essential constituents of our strategy are product diversity, high levels of vertical manufacturing integration and holistic solutions. Anyone who works together with as many different industry sectors as SBS-Feintechnik does knows that the international markets stipulate what has to be done. And as different as these sectors may appear to be, innovative spirit, flexibility, uniform good quality, service and market-oriented pricing are always decisive factors.

Knowledge of the markets and knowing what our partners need are the basis for successful collaboration at SBS-Feintechnik. Because precision work is absolutely necessary in order to solve our customers’ drive problems quickly and economically. The latest technologies, targeted investments and presence at the customer’s facility are taken advantage of to this end.