BURGERGROUP – Unsere Mitarbeiter sind MitdenkerInnen

Values and change – Our ethics

Constant change in society and the economic environment, as well as the great diversity of our tasks, make it increasingly important for each individual employee to see his work within an overall context. For this reason, the establishment of a objective for our entrepreneurial activity and collaboration is of utmost importance – visions and ethical principles are the basis for all decisions and action. They simultaneously serve as a point of orientation and a management instrument.

If you want to motivate others, you have to be authentic. And a person’s motivation grows along with the amount of individual responsibility entrusted to him. We live in accordance with this conviction.



We’ve formulated our values in an ethics brochure which makes the following statements:


Only by means of trust can long-term, personal relationships be built up with our customers and employees.


Each and every employee is responsible for his own work. We rely upon mature, independent employees.

Quality standards

We meet the most demanding customer requirements with our product quality. Quality assurance and optimisation of our processes are important prerequisites for maintaining profitability and competitiveness.

Orientation towards the future

Our vision is to place people at the heart of our activities. Only in this way is successful, targeted action possible.